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I just wrote a HUGE reply to this and was telling everyone about Abby's wonderful gifts and I accidentally erased the whole lot....
I'm in a big hurry so I can't retype now...
But I will definitely rewrite it as soon as I can!!!


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Okay so I'm about to try for a SECOND time to write about my gifts!
I was so cranky after it got deleted last time! IT WAS SO LONG!!!

I am so glad that Noodle & Cookie liked their presents! I thought the toys were so cute! I'm going back to buy Abby one (I just had to wait until after Christmas, when I was a little more "financial" again!)

I remembered that you had said in one of your posts that Noodle had started to like toys and play with them again since little Cookie's arrival, and a friend of mine assured me that she didn't know a dog that DIDN'T love those particular ones (she owns the shop and apparently had rave reviews on them) - so I couldn't resist! Plus I wanted something to remind Noodle & Cookie of who gave it to them and where they were from!!!
Oh... if you didn't notice... they squeak when you squeeze them too! LOL

I did want to get something else other than the Nylabones, but I was concerned it would get held up in customs for some reason, so I had to try to stick to something safe.
I asked my friend, and she said that it was probably safest to get that. I didn't want to get JUST toys in case Noodle didn't take to them - so I figured that even if Cookie got the toys and he got the Nylabones, that would be okay

I really wanted to get some clothes for them too, but here in Australia, there's just nothing available... It sucks... And I couldn't get what I wanted ordered and here in time... so maybe if we get each other next year?!?!?!


Her and I were SO excited when the package came!!! She was jumping around while I was saying "What's this Abby? It's for you!"
I had to help open it - there were staples in the packaging, so I didn't want any cuts or scratches
.. first to come out was this awesome little ball - I think it looks "space age"!! LOL It's blue and orange - I rolled it across the floor and it made this whirring type noise. Abby chased after it straight away and started knocking it around on the floor and chasing it everywhere.... she had a blast!

So I gave her a couple of minutes with the ball, while I peeked in a little further to find a stainless steel bowl that CAN'T BE TIPPED OVER!!!! Brilliant Idea DMZ! Thank you so much!!! I tested it within that first hour - and Abby can only manage now to push it around the room (because my lino is old and doesn't really have any "grip") - no tipping over!!!

In that bowl I also discovered Abby's favourite treat - a pig ear and a trotter to go with it!!! She LOVES pig ears!! I waved them about and she jumped up and down again (Alas, she loves the ball, but it got ditched when the pig ear came along! LOL).... but EVERYTHING else was forgotten about momentarily, when the squeaky noise, leopard print plush bone came out of the package!


She carried that bone around for the next two days - I seriously could not divert her attention from it! She loves it!
Then on Friday last week we had to drive for about 8-9 hours up to Townsville for Christmas with the family... guess who slept with their head on the bone??!??? It HAD to come in the car - I tried to pack it and she literally whined at me while I put it in the suitcase!!!!
So it came out again and sat on the back seat with her! LOL

Then up in Townsville, she was walking around the hotel grounds with it in her mouth (my aunt & uncle own the hotel, so it was okay for me to have her there!!! YAY!!)...

So all I can say is thank you SO MUCH from Abby & I
We both LOVE the gifts you gave and appreciate it to no end!!!

But... don't be surprised that if I finally find what I was after for your babies, that they turn up in the post!!

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