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I'm glad you like your little gift... I searched here on SM for some photos you may have posted of your little girls and came across this one , which I thought would work well for the notecards.

( looks like the paper got a bit crushed but at least the 'decos' stayed on the package LOL )

I want to say the blk/white dress Naddie has on and Mr. Quincy's matching vest w collar and bow tie on the accompanying card was made for my little twirps by Lynn!!!... the photo doesn't do them justice. They always get lots of admiration from people when they wear them ... and everyone gets 'blown-away' by Quincy's bow-tie...most never had seen that ! LOL

Paula.... had the notecards made at 'cafe press'. I'm thinking of gettin some made for myself... IF I can ever get the twirps to actually BOTH pose nicely at the same time LOL .

We exchange small gifts with our neighbors and last year I had planned ahead ( for a change lol ) and had taken shots of their house/yard, and picked a nice one and had that put on the cards with a text written at bottom: "From Our House to Yours"
.... and they loved them!

OK... back to you Lynn !...sorry got sidetracked .... happens a lot LOL!
Anyway hope you have enjoyed all the 'surprises' awaiting you!!.. and hope you realize how much you are appreciated for all you do here on SM!!
love ya!
Terry and the Twirps
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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