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Thank You, Yung!

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I can't wait to fill this forum with pictures and info about the specialty.
:you rock:

Some of our friends are already there and can come in and share here.

I will be getting there on Thursday evening, just in time for the White Excitement party. :D
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Loooove it :D I also can't wait until this section gets filled in ^_^

Thanks Yung

Yay!!! Cool! I'm so excited to see pics from this weekend and other shows in the future!
Yay!!! Yung is the best!
Carina - I get there just in time to check in and put Atticus down to go to the White Excitement Party - too. I don't know what I was thinking.
Yay! I just know everyone is going to have a blast at the National specialty this weekend. Looking forward to hearing about it. So glad to see that there is a Show forum now
I've been stressed and going crazy getting customer quilts done before I go out of town for the Specialty. I finally get to focus on packing and getting the van ready for the trip tomorrow. We will be arriving in Atlanta around 5:00pm on Friday. I so wish we were going to be there for the White Excitement party... looking forward to the pics.
Three hours to go before my flight. Atlanta here I come. :chili::chili: Can't wait to meet everyone.
YAY! TY Yung! I'll see you girls in about 26 hours! Can't wait to meet everyone and their fluffs! I wish I could be at the WEP. I hate that we will miss it. Gosh got so, much to do. Right now it's off to get an oil change on the van and get it ready for the 2 hour drive.

Hope those at the WEP have a great time tonight!! :)
This is great!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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