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The A Team Wrestlers

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This is just sort of an experiment. I took a video of the "A"s wrestling with my cell phone.....and this is wht i got.....

A team wrestlers 4-30-10 video by patsypics - Photobucket
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Haha, tiny Ava makes me laugh! :HistericalSmiley:
hahah...Leila and Ava are kindred spirits! I'd love to see them play...and they're in the same weight class :thumbsup:
:HistericalSmiley:Oh that's sooo much fun!! I love it that both Archie and Ava had Miss Abbie down for a minute and then she faked them out and did a reversal! Had to chuckle at little Ava getting right in the middle. She is a spitfire.:wub:
I showed this to DH who laughed and said, "that Pat is running a dog fighting ring - just look at the techniques of those three"

I love this video - its funny!
I love the diving attacks and they are trying to sound so fierce with those little growls. Ava is basically jumping and bouncing off Archie and Abbey, that's so funny.
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:soooooo cute:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
Love it! Wish I was there to referee!!!

Pat, that's so cute! I love watching these little guys play. All three seem to be really having a good time.
Loved it!! :wub:
I think I heard Abbey yell UNCLE! :LOL: Cute video..but too short!
I think I heard Abbey yell UNCLE! :LOL: Cute video..but too short!

LOL Brit :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:

Pat, that was PRECIOUS!!! OMG! I could watch that 100 times, they all are so adorable and I love how Miss Ava gets right in there. Precious :wub:
thanks for watching. They were playing so intensly....I ran and got my camcorder to find out the battery needed charging :blink: so I grabbed my phone. They had been so much more comical, but of course I missed that. :HistericalSmiley::smilie_tischkante:
OMG This video could be MY bed every evening! Emma would play Archie, Jilli or Mimi would be Abby and Twinkle would be Ava the fierce one! We have mass mania here with regularity! I finally had to take Mimi out of the mix because the rest would grab her topknot and try head slams! Mimi is now kept by herself 95% of the time-
But its still a mad house at times!

Thanks for a very funny video!
omg that is hilarious! I love the "look" Ava gave you in the beginning. :HistericalSmiley: So I guess Romo and Suri really are playing not fighting! I am getting used to watching them play like that. I already watched your video too many times! So darn cute! Keep them coming! Love it! :aktion033:
Miss Ava is a scrappy little one, isn't she. LOL
I love them all, though.

Is the hot tub running today? I'm jealous, it's going to be beautiful today!


They are so cute!
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