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Wonderful! I haven't seen that one before.

I especially like the one that says "claim that you are just trying to produce good pets, therefore good pets are all you need for breeding".

I think so many people are duped by byb's this way. They don't realize that a second or third generation puppy mill or pet shop puppy has just as much potential for genetic disease as if they bought their puppy directly from a pet shop. It doesn't matter if this byb raises her puppies in the house, keeps them until 12 weeks, etc.

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More on backyard breeders:

Every breed of dog recognized by the AKC has a written standard, a blueprint
of what the dog should look like and act like. These standards were written
so that all would know what a quality example of the breed is and strive to
produce dogs that meet or exceed the standard in health, temperament and
appearance. To be sure you are breeding dogs that meet these standards,
your dogs must be judged by people who have a lifetime of experience among the
breed. Do you know the standard of the Pure Breed Dog? Does your dog
meet this standard according to an AKC Judge? If not, your dog is pet
quality. A pet is to be loved, cherished, trained, cared for, spoiled and
bragged about, but it is NEVER to be bred. No matter how cute or sweet the
dog may be, if it is not up to the standard, you have no business breeding

If you have a purebred dog this does not give you the right to breed it.

Most purebred dogs are not breeding quality. If you breed your pet quality
dog, you are a backyard breeder, whether you breed the dog in your
backyard, garage, living room or an expensive hotel room, the term is still backyard

If your pet quality dog has AKC papers, that's nice but it doesn't change
anything. You still don't have the right to breed it.

If your pet quality dog cost you $500 be glad you had the money to afford
it. You still have no right to breed it.

Do you think you can make your $500 back if you breed your pet dog or if
your pet dog is a color or size that isn't in the standard but you just know
everyone will want buy a pup if you breed her? Shame on you! Now you are a backyard
breeder with the purpose of breeding pups for bucks.

If the price for an ultrasound seems high to you, what are you
going to do when your beloved pet needs an emergency C section. Will you
even be there with her to know if she is in trouble? Would you recognize
trouble before it's too late?

Do you think genetic testing is something they used in the OJ trial but has
nothing to do with your dog breeding career? You are a backyard breeder.

Backyard breeders are not responsible pet owners. They think they love the
dogs but it's not really true because they don't really want to be bothered
with doing all that it takes to breed ethically. They love feeling
important when they say "I breed "Pure Breed dogs"". But breeding pet dogs isn't
something to be proud of. It's a shame on our society.

Do you want to be respected? Spay or neuter your pet dog. There's really no
other way. The kind of homes you want for your pet pups don't want to buy
from you. They are looking for responsible, respected breeders who are
doing something for the breed as a whole. Most of those who will come running to
buy your pups are the kind of people I wouldn't give a dog I didn't like to.
They are the ones who will turn your puppy into a shelter when the novelty
wears off.

Spay or neuter your pet dog now and tell everyone you know to do the same
and leave the breeding to the people who are doing something to better the

Want to be a respected breeder? Start by reading this:

Then find someone who lives up to all of it and ask them to be your mentor.

Do your research. Know what you are doing. Have a savings account ready
for all the problems you will encounter. Buy the best dogs you can find for
your breeding program. Do everything your mentor tells you, he/she has the
experience and is not just trying to push you around. Be sure that
everything you do as a breeder meets the standards we have set for
responsible breeders. Or don't breed!
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