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The Girls are ready for Halloween

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I can not believe I'm actually ahead of the game this year and not rushing at the last minute to make Halloween costumes but yesterday was a dreary day which means a sewing day for me. So, here's an early peak at my little girl bats. Note: I also made them their Renaissance dresses because we'll be taking them to the Ren Fair on the 25th of Sept. so here's a peak at them too. Pictures of them wearing them will come after I take some of them at the fair. Marj made all the perfectly matching bows and I always like to make sure I get pictures of those too. I really enjoy sewing for my girls. After raising two boys, this is so much fun. :smilie_daumenpos:


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The dresses turned out beautifully! Boy, are you organized !
They are fantastic!!! I wish I could do that. Marj did a great job, love her bows. Of course the girls look darling:wub:.
Oh my word! Your girls are gorgeous and they have a very talented mommy. I love their costumes:wub:
I love them!! Great work. They look so beautiful in purple and they make beautiful bats. You are so talented.
They are going to be the hit of the fair. The Renaissance dresses are darling. I can't wait to see pictures of them wearing them.

Darlene and MiLey
Kim you are beyond talented!!!! Love both sets of outfits. The girls are the perfect models for your beautiful creations!
OMG,I love those,I bet they're a hit at Renn faires.I never thougth about dressing them for RF.... I bet they make quite the saucy wenches!
Wow!! Both sets of dresses are beautiful!! You did an amazing job!!
:w00t: WOW are you talented or what!!! Those dresses are amazing.. We will be expecting the pictures of Renaissance girls ...
Kim those dresses are amazing!!! I love the girls costumes, what a cleaver idea! I'm still trying to think of what the fluffs can be this year for halloween, my creative juices just aren't flowing this year.:blush: I can't wait to see the girls in their Ren Fair dresses and of course Marj made some fabulous bows and they match perfectly!
What?! :w00t: Christmas dress yet???:blink: .....:HistericalSmiley:
Just fabulous! Absolutely love your creativity...planning our float for our upcoming Fall Halloween Festival, wish I could sew like you. Looking forward to the pics after the Ren Fair.
WOW, all I can saw is WOW about those dresses and bows.
Kim -- the dresses are sooooooooooooo cute and so are the girls. Both styles are very clever.
What beautiful outfits. You do great work.
They're beautiful!
Wow! Just wow! You are so talented!!! :wub:

HUGz! Jules
OMG!! How perfect arre those dresses for your perfect little girls! You are too talented for words and I can't wait to see them in the Ren fair. I'm sure they'll get a lot of attention!
Wow! Those are amazing! I love the little bows, those mini bats are adorable. Bernie's going to be a hippo this Halloween, but I'm not as organized as you are, haven't bought her costume yet.
I love the purple and black "bat girl" dresses!
And I just adore the lace-up style of the dresses for the fair.
That is so amazing!!!
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