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The loves of my life!!!

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Thanks to Crystal's wonderful step by step instructions, I was able to successfully post a pic of my family. I am a bit PC challenged!!!

Kiko is on Dave's right. We cut her top knot off about 6 months ago because she hated it. She looks like a boy now, but she is so much happier.

Oliver is on Dave's legs (his favorite spot). He is so patient and sweet. When Kobe died, Oliver healed the hole in my heart. Dave has often said he was worth every penny we paid for him because of this.

Miss Daphne Rose is in his arms. Please excuse her dirty face. She eats a homemade diet that has a lot of green veggies in it, and she is very squirmy when I try to clean her face.

I almost forgot about Dave--LOL. He often jokes that he is 4th in my life. We have been married for over ten years, and he is such a great daddy and husband!!!
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Tina, you have such a beautiful family :wub::wub::wub: Kiko, Oliver and Daphne Rose are all super adorable!
What a great picture.
Thanks for sharing.
Everyone looks very happy and adorable! Great photos!
Men and Malts. I know my hubby calls his Malts his little loves too. He's so attached to them. Most guys would never admit they love those little fluffs....but they do.
Cute, cute, cute and cute. :) All of them! Your DH looks so young. Are you sure you've been married 10 years? Nothing like a husband who loves the fluffs as much as we do.:wub:
How sweet!!!!:wub::wub::wub: Kiko, Oliver and Daphne are simply adorable!:wub::wub::wub:

Harry says the same thing....he bought me a Tiffany's locket a while back and asked if I a picture of him would make it in the locket or if Maggie and Abbie would be in it, lol!

We are such lucky girls to have so many great loves!:wub:
What a great photo. Your husband looks like he loves them all very much and they are giving it right back to him. Very sweet and adorable.
very nice to meet them ^_^

Oh my! You have a beautiful family! All three of your fluffs are dolls! :wub:
How sweet but true is that picture!!!:wub:
Awww your fluffs are so cute - veggie face and all! My hubby used to say that a dog that size is really NOT a dog - we've been around labs mostly so it was quite a change for us. Now, he says that it's because Snowy is his baby.
:aktion033: Yay, there they are! Such cutie pies!!!
Yeah!!! A picture!!! And such a lovely picture too. :wub: If I ever find a guy who would be ok with the little white loves of my life like your guy, I'd reconsider my happily single status.:HistericalSmiley:

Seriously....ALL of your loves are just gorgeous!
love it thanks for sharing !!! the fluffs are all adorable
Great picture of a beautiful family, all 4 of them.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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