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The Paducah Show

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Malayah and I went yesterday to the Paducah Kennel Club show. I showed Triniti and she also showed him in Novice Juniors. I was the only one in the American Bred class so of course we took home the blue ribbon, but he wasn't put up after that.

Malayah won 4th in her class. She was pleased, and happy and knows she will get better with time.

Man was it HOT! Like 102 and mostly outdoors!!

Anyway, I also met some other malt breeders (Sands Maltese!!) and chatted for like 2 hours. It was awesome and I got a lot of great advice and met some new friends. I even purchased an apron that I am having embroidered with the name of my kennel. Malayah and I thought of "Desert Rose Maltese", what do you think?

I have to go grocery shopping (lol) but will be on later to post some pix of Malayah.

All in all a fun day... :chili: :aktion033:
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So when are the pics coming
oh hurray!!Congrats!! I'm so glad you got to show!! How many were in Malayah's class? can't wait to see the pics!
Your kennel name sounds nice. Just remember when you register a dog you only have so many spaces. They have given us more now, but if your kennel name takes up all the spaces then you have to have a really short name. Example: Desert Rose .............

Looking forward to seeing pictures. They used to have a show in Moberly, KS the same weekend, but they didn't have it this year. It was like that show. Outside and hot.
:w00t: Wow thanks everyone for the support! :wub:

Tina...I did think if the name being rather long, but if I take out the space and have it as DesertRose, then its only one character longer than Bellarata :blush:

Stacy...there were only 4 kids in her class, so she essentially was last. Partially my fault as I did a bad grooming job on Triniti. But luckily I met some other breeders who offered to help me then mext show we are in together! :chili:

We had fun, and learned a without further adieu, here are the pics! (didn't get any of me...oh well) :blush:

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More pics of Malayah's Junior Novice Class...

Thanks for looking! I am entering my female, Terra, in the next get her over her shyness. Gulp, have a lot of work to do until then. :thumbsup:
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Your daughter is doing a great job. She looks very professional. I do like your kennel name.
How fun for your daughter! Outdoor shows can be so trying. Great pics!
Thanks! Yeah the waether sucked that day! 102 with major humidity! At least there was that wind....but of course grooming was awful with it blowing Trin's hair everywhere.
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