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The Pie had a little accident

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Miss Kota Pie had a little accident last night ... she fell out of bed and scared the bejeezus out of both of us! :w00t:

She didn't cry out or yelp or anything, so we all went back to sleep.

This morning she wasn't herself, so I decided to take her along with me & Harley to the vet, as Harley was going for his allergy shot, and to check up on his ear infection (which we have been treating for the last 12 days).

Well, turns out on examination, she has some pain in her hind quarters, so she was given a shot for pain & inflammation, and follow up meds for the next few days.

Here is my poor sweet little Pie, sleeping off her big adventure to the vet this morning ...

Poor Sweet Harley's ear hasnt cleared 100%, so we now have a 2nd type of drops to use for the next 10 days. He's been such a good boy about getting his meds twice a day, he's such an awesome little boy :wub:

I'm glad its the weekend, so I can hang out with my 2 little ones, even though they are mostly sleeping! LOL

It doesn't rain here, it pours!! LOL We are settling into our new home and WOW, talk about an expensive couple of weeks!! Someone told me that the first year of owning a new home is the most expensive, and boy, were they right!!
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awwwh I am sorry to read about Dakota's incident .. they are like our treasures...SO PRECIOUS and means a lot to us:wub: I am glad that you took her to the vet to check on her and happy that she is doing good now and hopefully soon with not a lil pain on the leg:wub: LOVE that sweet shirt/sweater on her too. that sweet cupcake fits her so well :wub2: feel better very soon my darling Dakota. I wanna see your happy acts soon - always makes me giggle :D

awwh and you two darling Harley. Hope your ear infection clears so soon, cutie pie :wub:

tones of kisses are sent to the two cuties of yours from me.

Thanks Kat!! I just asked Harley to say 'thank you' and made a little video ... will post on youtube very soon!
Thanks Kat!! I just asked Harley to say 'thank you' and made a little video ... will post on youtube very soon!
:w00t: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT :chili::chili: i just LOVE your H&D videos :wub::wub:

Sorry, my iPhone stubbornly refuses to upload directly, so I've had to do it the long way ... (connect to my laptop & do it that way)
awhhh sweet little boy. how precious. yeh, you get a good rest and tight sleep and soon you will be fit and ready for adventures again.

*hugging & kissing*
Aww, so sorry Jacqui. Get well hugs and kisses to both your little beauties.
Awww so sorry, hope both your babies feel better soon.
Oh Jacqui, poor little babies!!! I just hate when something is wrong and our "kids" are just not themselves. Keep us posted and hurry with the video.
I hope Dakota didn't do any major damage in her fall. Archie fell last September and tore his ACL. The first doctor who saw us right away said, "nothing's broken, he's ok" but when he wasn't getting better I took him back. The other doctor felt his leg and said he's torn his ACL. It doesn't heal.

Kisses to both kids - my you have your hands full with two ailing pups this weekend!
Oh no that must have been scary. Dakota looks darling sleeping.:wub: I hope both you babies get well soon.
She looks SO precious sleeping :wub: :wub: :wub:
I am so sorry about her accident , I hope she is feeling better soon.

Love To You All :grouphug::grouphug:
I hope Dakota is feeling better in no time and that Harley's ear infection clears up. Its terrible when one of our pups doesn't feel good and you have two!
Hugs to all three of you.
Sorry, my iPhone stubbornly refuses to upload directly, so I've had to do it the long way ... (connect to my laptop & do it that way)

I will sure keep checking in ;) :wub: you can share it whenever you get the time. :grouphug:
*sigh* She looks just precious napping in her bed. Kisses to you sweet Dakota. Feel better soon. You too precious Harley. Get better quickly and stay healthy and safe. Both of you AND your mommy need a little break!:wub:
Poor baby girl:wub:, hope she feels better really soon. She looks precious all curled up & snoozing away.
oh no, Dakota is such a pretty littleone:wub: she looks so comfy, poor babies Harley hang in there littleman:wub:
I know what you mean about $ on houses, we bought our house 1 1/2 years ago and still painting rooms, decorating etc. now we start on the yard this year.:blush: the yard looks fine, butttttt I want to change it:unsure: trying to put my mark on the house:HistericalSmiley: it was so easy and free when we lived in a RVB) I really miss it
she looks so comfy sleeping and cosy in that sweater....glad she OK.
Sorry to hear about Dakota's accident and Harley's ear infection. Hopefully they will both be better in no time. Dakota looks like a little angel sleeping.:wub:
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