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the REAL winner of the world cup

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is my little sweet king of africa :yes:
sweet baby by heini.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heini! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:
Must have left his crown at home LOL... very regal looking, Heini!!! Happy to see a loincloth this early in my day too HAHAHAHA!!! ;)

THank you for sharing another pic from one of Mr. Heini's Marvelous Adventures!!! :) Hope you two have an extra special day today!!!
Love the pictures! He is such a perfect little model.
He sure does look very regal - esp. in that first pic. All hail to Heini!
I just love that boy's eyes!! :wub:

and congrats Heini... I knew you'd win! ;)
Heini always poses so well! Does he know he's a supermodel? :)
hehe, thank you. and it was so funny. I stood there with heini, and saw the little throne, so I took of the leash and said to him:

"come on boy, jump up"
...he went there, jumped up, turned round, gave me a few 'smiles'

..and then I said, 'well done sweetheart...come back to mommy"

...he jumped off and came back to me :blush:

there were a few people standing around, I didn't notice them before, and they applauded and said, what a good boy and that it will be the pic of the year.
ohh I was soo proud of my little babyboy :wub:

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love it love it , i'll say it again heini i love u !!
love the king of africa

Heini is just too darn cute!!! :wub: And what a good boy to boot!
That chair is fit for a KING! It's official...I worship our King Heini!
I always knew there was some royal blood there in our famous Heini!
He certainly looks like royalty to me!!
Oh, Heini, we still love you and think you're the cutest guy around. :)
Love it! Fantastic pictures, as always! He is just too cute! :wub:
Heini goes on so many adventures. It is always fun to see where he is going next.

I am thinking since he gets out so much is he afraid of anything?
I can't believe I'm writing this. I bet Heini's package is bigger than the King of Africa's. LOL
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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