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Do you and your malt like grooming time?

  • I like it and so does the furbaby

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  • I dislike it but the furbaby likes it

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  • I like it, the furbaby doesn't

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  • You kidding? We both hate it

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Originally posted by Carrie@Nov 17 2005, 06:21 PM
Massimo doesn’t like it, but he tolerates it.  I don't like doing it because HE doesn't like it LOL.  When I get all the supplies out to do it, he looks at me lowers his head, and I swear I can hear him sigh!  He won't come to me, I have to get him...but when I'm bathing him he lifts each leg for me and stands when I wash his belly and when I'm grooming him he sits right still for me.  He know's it's a necessary evil for him to look fabulous. 
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This sounds exactly like Brinkley!!!!
For evening eye cleaning and burshing sessions he acts so funny...
The "look" and the cower...and I am sure he is thinking..."Don't EVEN try to make it sound like "fun time" to get me to come over there!?"

We did digress in the grooming the entire body though...he used to let me do whatever...then he decided he didn't want me touching his feet...then his belly...then his now he will be going to the groomer every 4-6 weeks.

He is really good during baths and blow drying....
but clipping will be left to the pros from now on.
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