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Do you and your malt like grooming time?

  • I like it and so does the furbaby

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  • I dislike it but the furbaby likes it

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  • I like it, the furbaby doesn't

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  • You kidding? We both hate it

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The boys are good when I bath or brush them.They dont like it but are good durning it.I hate it because I know they do too.I feel like Im inflicting some kind of tourture on them because of the looks they give me
Lamby will let me bath her but in NO WAY can I brush her....she makes Cujo look like a lamb in conpairason! Thnak goodness she never matts.So she is fine between the trips they take to the groomers.Lamby never tries to eat my groomer Rita,she has never given her any trouble since the first time she went to her.But Rita knew she was a rescue and weaved her magic spell on her
Hmmm wish she would give me the magic spell.............
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