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Do you and your malt like grooming time?

  • I like it and so does the furbaby

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  • I dislike it but the furbaby likes it

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  • I like it, the furbaby doesn't

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  • You kidding? We both hate it

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They've grown to like grooming!

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Finally! Harley and Bella both run towards the brush now, rather than away from it, this is a new thing for us
thank goodness for treats and good grooming supplies!
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We need another option in the poll -- Mommy doesn't have time for it and Miko has better things to do with his time!!! LOL. I do brush him (and my husband is currently brushing him too) and Miko doesn't mind at all and we do topknots. But that's about it, we leave the rest to the groomer. I am serious though -- I think Miko views it as a waste of his time :new_Eyecrazy:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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