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Do you and your malt like grooming time?

  • I like it and so does the furbaby

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  • I dislike it but the furbaby likes it

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  • I like it, the furbaby doesn't

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  • You kidding? We both hate it

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They've grown to like grooming!

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Finally! Harley and Bella both run towards the brush now, rather than away from it, this is a new thing for us
thank goodness for treats and good grooming supplies!
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maltx3, love the fall pics!

buttercup likes grooming, she knows it's her time to be pampered. (yeah, like that's the ONLY time she gets pampered....) groomer brenda says she truly wishes every one of her clients was as well behaved as buttercup. even when she's being dematted, lol, she is still wagging her tail (buttercup, not brenda).

i dont know what i "did" to get so lucky, but i'm hoping i "do it again" when we get our next dog! LOL

ann marie and the "is it ribbon time yet? i havent had a ribbon ALL DAY!" buttercup
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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