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Thinkin bout this oil spill

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And how sad it is on so many levels -
First, the loss of human life then the incredible damage to our environment and natural resources and so on...

But having found this site and consequently re-dusted my interest in wholesome nutrition, I was also particularly thinking about how this affects the supply of fish. I mean we're always looking for organic, excellent quality meats, veggies, fish, etc. for our families and now malts consumption and everything is so expensive to begin with, especially the good stuff. I just got back from wholefoods and spent a fortune on what seemed not such a big bag of groceries. I can't imagine this being anything but disastrous news for the fish market. I know that the fishing industry is now filing suit against the company involved but I'm wondering if any SMers out there actually live near the disaster zone and what your thoughts on the matter are -
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I hope they do file against Halliburton and BP. It won't replace the lives of creatures that will die or will be harmed and it won't change the damage to the eco system. But I hope it will help clean it up!
Too bad BP will just raise the price of gas and pass the costs onto us,the consumer. Oil has dropped $8 this week,has the price at the gas pumps gone down...NO!
Gas prices jumped nearly 20 cents the first day,that was before they admitted any oil was leaking...

Uh,make that $10 per barrel drop so far.... Grrrrr.
I live in the FL panhandle and we are just waiting. I have signed up to help in any way i can when and if it affects us. When classes become available in Haz Mat and to help the Wild and Marine life i will also be attending those. It just sickens me as to what has happened.
I live on the Gulf Coast and this is a disaster. I won't repeat everything I said in my previous threads and posts, but if you want to know how I feel about it you can check them out.
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