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This dummy needs help with a computer issue

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When I got this new computer it runs "Windows 7"... which is ok overall.
My problem is on this new Windows ( had XP previously) whenever I open a pdf file is all encrypted. I never had that issue before!

I went looking in 'support' but there didn't seem to be anything to help me or I didn't understand or the other.

Anyone run Windows 7 and can take me step by step to have my pdf files be in 'English"..... readable LOL ???
And unfortunately when I say step by step I mean that LOL
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Still running XP, so no help from me, Terry, but good luck.
LMFAO ~ Terry, I gave my fancy cell phone back to our company, and traded it for my old phone ~ :HistericalSmiley:
My cell phone is my life at work. I simply did not have time to read a 2-inch manual, just to figure out how to answer the stupid thing ~ :HistericalSmiley:

So I do want a better phone, one with more features, and will be deciding on which one, once I know someone who has the exact same phone, and will flippin' help me.

A must for me is having buttons I can actually SEE!! Ya think that would help the end user?:blink:

I'm babbling. Obviously I can't help you, my friend, but share in your pain.

We love you, Terry.

Oh, we have a very good "geek" at work. If you don't have your problem solved by morning, I'll have him email you.
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I'm not sure about that version of windows, but sometimes I have to save a file to my pc or work server and make sure the extension is saved as a .pdf before it will open correctly. And with some I have to save it and then open it from inside of Adobe using the file/open button - for some reason some files just won't open directly from the e-mail or my document tree. Don't know if this is your issue - just thought I'd throw it out there.
I don't have Windows 7 so difficult to help. But since this is a new computer, maybe you don't have the Adobe Reader installed. If you have it installed, you might have to tell Windows to open the pdf files with Adobe Reader.
I do know there is a problem with Windows 7 and Adobe Reader 9. Adobe is working on it as of last week and I don't know if they have perfected it yet. I have Windows 7 on my computer and I installed the latest version of Adobe Reader and that is when I found out there was a problem. I imagine it has something to do with that.......sorry I could not be of more help.
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