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This is some story...FYI Disturbing

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I posted this story because I was so happy to read and learn about the Veterinary Forensics Medicine Sciences program in Gainesville, Fl:
Veterinary forensic students at the University of Florida are being trained in the same way that traditional crime-scene investigators are, taking courses in a wide range of topics: crime-scene processing; forensic entomology (determining the time of an animal’s injury or death by the types of insects around them); bloodstain-pattern and bite-mark analysis; buried-remains excavation; and forensic osteology (the study of bones and bone fragments).

When I read the above paragraph, I cried. It's awesome news.
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I'm so glad that there's more and more being done about animal cruelty.

It did make me sick though... I can't believe that some people are actually able to hurt animals like that.. It's just unhuman. :angry:

Thanks for posting this story, I really enjoyed it and it really made me think. :)

Note: If you're sensitive to abuse scenarios, don't read. :(
so sad ;( im glad something is finally being done about it , even though not enough .
I am just sick over the story of the puppy in the oven. :( I can't imagine what that poor creature went through.
Thank goodness for Melinda Merck and the CSI Veterinary Mobile Unit.
Interesting article, thanks for posting that.
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