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This is too cute!

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Is this cute or what! I'm going to try and make one today. My Malts are too big for one now (wish I had one when they were smaller) but Mia would fit just fine.
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Originally posted by Lilly521@May 7 2005, 12:29 PM
Awww its like a sleeping bag, what kid of dog is that in the photo? it looks like a yorkie but it has a white face its so cute looks like a mouse.
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There's a type of Yorkie being bred in Germany right now called the Biewer and they have white markings.. apparently they are breeding a recessive Pie Bald gene into them to get the white markings. But some Yorkies just have white markings when they are puppies and the color grows out as they get older.

Here's a Biewer Pic
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Originally posted by puppylucy@May 7 2005, 09:25 PM
omg the biewer yorkies are so cute! i hope they make it to the us someday

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There are a few breeders in the US breeding German stock right now but they are pretty expensive.. naturally of course. *lol* I think they are gaining popularity here in the states so you'll probably be seeing more of them soon.
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