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this one will make you sad

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I think it is raining maltese rescues around here. I got another call. This time the breeders had turned in a 9 year old (will be 10 in Dec.). I guess she was such a good mom that they bred her even longer than normal. Of course, she is missing many teeth and her tongue hangs out to one side. Her vision and hearing aren't the best either. But that is expected at almost 10. She is sooooo sweet. She is not shy at all like Kirby is. I am going to get her to the groomers tomorrow. I think she will be able to keep the hair on top, but she is very matted underneath. She just got spayed Tuesday, so I didn't want to ruch the grooming. Oh, I hope I can find a kind soul to let her live out her remaining years. She deserves that much atleast.
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I myself with several maltese I could never give not one of my adult dogs away. I don't care if they have one litter or no litters. I am to attatched to my adults to ever part with any of them.(I sometimes can not even part with some of my puppies.) They will live there life out right here with me. I can't imagine any breeder to part with a adult dog they have had for several yrs. I guess that is where I am so much different then most is that I treat my fluffs just like they was human talk to them like they are human and even dress them like they was humans. I wished I lived closer one more malt around my house wouldn't matter at all.
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