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I am stunned by this, it is extremely disturbing to me.
I breed my Maggie when she was 3 ½ years old, her one and only litter. She ended up having trouble with the delivery and I had her spayed during her c-section. I felt guilty for even having her breed and had even a harder time letting the puppies go when the time came. My 14 yr old son and I discussed on several occasions, that we never wanted another litter because we became to attached and was seriously concerned what kind of home they would go to. We were sure no one could take care of and love them as much as us. We had a difficult time when it was time to sell the little fur balls. I would go so far as to lie to people and say they were all sold if it didn’t like the sound of their voice or I didn’t like their answers. I must sound awful but, these were our little babies. I ended up selling one to my niece Miranda for only $200 (broke her piggy bank) she is a complete animal nut and plans on becoming a veterinarian someday. She named him “Turbo” which totally fits his personality and a perfect fit for her. I sold two of them to people I knew and I kept the runt “Timmy”. In the end I never allowed a stranger to have one of my babies. I would never make a very good breeder, I would probably end up keeping them all. And not once in a million years would the thought cross my mind to get rid of my “Maggie” just because she couldn’t produce. Sounds like these people are a Maltese worst nightmare.
I am happy she found you and pray she finally finds the family that will give her the love God intended!

P.S.: My mother lives in AZ
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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