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This story has a happy ending...

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but who does something like this? These puppies are soooo cute!!

Puppies Sealed in Duffle Bag Are Now 'Bundles of Energy'

The woman easily could have run over the black bag as she drove her car down an alley in Middletown, Ohio, on April 28 — but she stopped cold when she saw something dark and moving.

That something was "a duffle bag containing seven six-week-old puppies zip-shut so they could barely breathe," Meg Stephenson, executive director of the local Animal Friends Humane Society, tells "She immediately called the police."

The puppies, all German shepherd mixes, were brought to Animal Friends Humane Society by animal control Officer Liz Lucas, and put under quarantine by the shelter's vet. Though they were discarded like trash, they are now in fine shape and don't appear to have been abused in other ways.

"I think they are doing well, and we will be able to put them up for adoption in a week or so," Stephenson tells "The puppies have become little bundles of energy. They are playful and happy, typical little puppies."

Meanwhile, their onetime caretaker faces jail time. After a May 6 arrest, Beth Deaton of Middletown pleaded guilty to five counts of cruelty to companion animals, a first-degree misdemeanor, and five counts of abandoning animals, a second-degree misdemeanor.

She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and a suspended fine of $600, in exchange for 10 days of community service. She is also not able to own or live in a residence with animals for two years.

Roxanne, 2, the mother of the puppies, who authorities believe was also dumped in a different part of town, was picked up April 23 and brought to the same shelter. She was not reunited with her brood since they were all too old to be nursed, but she is now headed for a forever home.

One of Roxanne's pups will stay with a cousin of Deaton's, while the remaining six left in the bag, who have not been named, will be up for adoption soon.

Stephenson is "thrilled" that Deaton has been held accountable.

"Acts of cruelty to animals should not go unpunished," he says. "It is unacceptable to dump an animal, period."

If you are interested in adopting one of the pups, call Animal Friends at (513)867-5727.

Puppies Sealed in Duffle Bag Are Now 'Bundles of Energy' | Pets in the News | News | PEOPLE Pets
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I don't understand how someone could be so cruel and cold hearted to do something like that to an animal. I am so glad that that lady stopped and now the puppies are safe and doing well. I hope that they find happy homes and have lots of love :)
OMg I'm horrified as to what people would do. That woman is a real hero who checked out the duffel!!:wub:
Some people seriously make me sick!! How in the world could you just leave defenseless little puppies to die! Dumping them at the shelter would've upset me enough, but not even giving them a spark of a chance?! :exploding:Grrr... I'm really glad they found the "owner" and punished them, but I honestly wish the consequences were a bit worse. I'm all about an eye for an eye...
Hubby said just like having kids, there is no prequalification to be a pet owner. I just don't get it. If you don't want the dogs - bring them to a shelter. Give the babies a chance at a good life. I am so glad they found the owner. Wonder how... think she was stupid enough to leave her name on her duffel bag? Mean people suck!
Makes me cry to think about it. But a happy ending at least! I'd like 5 minutes alone w/ that "person"...just 1 minute would be enough....
We live in the country and get a box o' puppies or kittens dumped on us,at least 2 times a year. The last couple years though,we haven't had any,not sure if it's coyotes or what. We've had people actually ring the doorbell at 3am and run off,we look out the windows and peep hole...gun in hand ,then open the door to hear a muffled cry of little ones.
One time I saw a Walmart bag in the field near our house,it was moving and you could kinda see something tan colouled..almost looked like a baby,but it was a golden lab type puppy. If I hadn't come along,shutter to think how it would have turned out.

I check bags when I see them along the road.We have lots of farmers who dump kittens and puppies....
So please check,if you can,any bags you see like just never know.
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Oh those poor little can people do such's beyond me.
awwwh !!! I love happy ending stories :D thanks for sharing

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