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my brothers an a$$hole and keeps saying that he doesnt have enough money to pay me---eventhough he gave $4,000 in bonuses to these two idiots in the office. i have a whole thread "working with family sucks". and i basically said that i made EVERYTHING for his company and he doesnt even acknowledge that.

ok, so here's my problem. i WAS planning on giving cynthia and casey $200 in gift certificates each to napster.....but now i dont even have the money to give them that. i COULD take out money from the savings account that me and cynthia have (and ive put in over $500 in there) BUT its our savings acct.

i know cynthia can give me money to buy her a present. but that sorta sucks, you know? and i literally have $10 in my checking acct.

what do you guys think i should give her and casey?
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