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Thought you guys would really enjoy this ....

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This breeder is so engaged with her pups! Even if you look at some of her other videos, she is teaching the pups sit, up and off at 39 days!!

HUGz! Jules
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Aww that's great. It's so cute when they go down the slide!
What a great breader and what some well rounded pups some lucky owners will be getting. I loved watching the pups on the seesaw and the sliding board. What little cuties!
awwwwwh :D thanks so much for sharing, Julee :) put a huge smile on face ^_^

This is amazing and they are doing so well!:chili:I have never heard of teaching puppies that young. I really enjoyed watching. Thank you!:wub:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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