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Tick Removal

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Someone just sent this to me via e-mail. I never tried it, but thought I'd pass it along anway.

How To Remove a Tick

Bet it would work on dogs too.

Spring is here and the ticks will soon be showing in heads. Here is a good way to get them off you, your children, or your pets Give it a try. Please forward to anyone with children... or hunters or dogs, or anyone who even steps outside in summer!! A School Nurse has written the info below -- good enough to share -- And it really works!!I had a pediatrician tell me what she believes is the best way to remove a tick. This is great, because it works in those places where it's some times difficult to get to with tweezers: between toes, in the middle of a head full of dark hair, etc. Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20), the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. This technique has worked every time I've used it (and that was frequently), and it's much less traumatic for the patient and easier for me. Unless someone is allergic to soap, I can't see that this would be damaging in any way. I even had my doctor's wife call me for advice because she had one stuck to her back and she couldn't reach it with tweezers. She used this method and immediately called me back to say, "It worked!"

Please pass on. Everyone needs this helpful info!
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I have performed late-night emergency "tick removal surgery" twice in our household as we have alot of deer who carry thousands of them. I don't know...I would trust my tweezer over this technique. You don't want the head of the tick to be left in there. Those things are squirmy and really burrow in.
just found this on the internet on tick removal with liquid soap. I guess this method has been circuling the internet for a while. It is not recommended, please read this article.

LymeBlog - Open to Debate: Really bad tick removal advice
I've never heard of the soap method. But I can say this method works really good.

How to remove a tick

The one and only time I've seen a tick on Andy, the vet removed 1 with tweezers. But then late at night while giving him a bath afterwards looking for more, we found one on his ear DEEP in. And this method it came right out. I'd still worry about breaking the head off, you still have to be gentle. But I just know myself from experience, this worked my very first and only time of tick removal.
They make a product called "Ticked Off" just for tick removal. I hear it works great.
If a piece is left in the dog's immune system will work the foreign object out just like a splinter.
I have the ticked off remover mentioned above and it does work well. Very quick and easy.
Funny I stumbled upon this thread (well not really as it is spring afterall) b/c I just found a tick on my baby's leg yesterday. :angry: Yuck!! Hadn't heard about this removal method and I removed it with a tweezer, which is what I will continue to do.
But I can't believe it. I don't want to put him on front-line so I hope it's just a random occurance. He wasn't even really outside as he just has his first round of shots so far. But we just let him out on the 1st step leading to the backyard - the big patio part absent of grass - he just loves breathing in the "fresh" air and it breaks my heart to see him pawing at the glass door wanting to go out so I've let him out on the 1st step.
But we do have this kind of marsh land near us that leads into the bay. I don't know, it's like dogs are truly magnets for these things. I deeply hate ticks. My mom's lab was a black lab and the whole tick experience scarred us. AND, I suspect, IMHO, as I'm no expert and may be wrong, but that the use of front-line lead to his epilepsy or at least contributed. I deeply hate that stuff too and can't imagine administering it to my 3lbs baby.
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Neem Spray seems to be a good insect repellent. I spray it on Nikki before we go outside and she's never had a flea/tick incident.

Ark Natural Neem Spray for Pets

I keep Frontline around, just in case, but I have only used it twice in the last 2 years.
I don't like to use Frontline either, but we don't have a choice. We go to our cabin in the middle of the woods, very many ticks! As in it was November 1st one year and we thought it was late enough in the season to not put Frontline on Andy. He got TWO ticks, on a deck...

So the dog AND cat get it all summer, we take them both. And also for when we go to the beach. But we don't use Frontline during the winter months, or when we aren't going to the cabin.

Ticks are so gross. And my mom has had Lyme's Disease from a tick, so we don't mess around with them. I can't imagine ever finding one on a dark dog, we didn;t even see the ones on Andy for a week until they were full engorged!!
I totally understand. We are camping/outdoor people as well. We go to the Adirondacks a lot and used to bring our beloved Spanky (lab) which we gave frontline too as well.

My cousin who lives in NJ on a big property that borders the woods and there are deer all over the place, managed to get Lyme disease in California - I think SF - she was on a 1 wk business trip and a tick bit her and she came back with lyme. It's horrible! Ticks are indeed gross.

We're going to the Adirondacks for memorial day weekend but I think I'll leave my pup with my mom for the weekend for this time. I'd like to try out that Neem Spray that Suzane suggests - I have to wonder if it works though. I'm not a health/nature nut but I do try to opt for natural rememdies whenever possible and we've used citronella and other mosquito repelant wipes/spray on my kids whenever we're out instead of the deet but I find that it doesn't work. Maybe we're too Sweet?? LOL
What is the Neem Spray? Do you have to spray it on them everytime they go out though? How would that work...

What I don't really like about Frontline is though, the tick has to bite them first to die I think. I always thought it just repelled bugs. So I worry can they still get diseases from them? Or do they have to be on them for some time to catch anything? When we are up at our cabin, my mom is always like look for ticks on him!! Like the second I bring him in, hahah as if you would see it then?? THey are the size of this . until they get engorged.
ugh! I hate ticks when they come to my babies. Now that summer time is coming, gotta watch out for mum's garden when the malts go for a swim there.

I use "ticked off".

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