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... haven't found any on the dogs, but have been finding them in the house over the last month!!!


Twice in the water dish by the doggy door and once walking on the tile in the hallway :blink::mellow:

We have little antelope ground squirrels living in the neighbors backyard (see them running across our patio/on our block wall) and wonder if that's where they're coming from???

Having never lived anywhere with ticks before, what do we do? Wait to see if they get on a dog or treat with something (what?) now? I spray the yard perimeter/block walls with Home Defense Ortho 0195310 1-1/3-Gallon Home Defense Max Perimeter and Indoor Insect Killer Pull 'N Spray: Patio, Lawn & Garden because we get black widows here which I am deathly afraid of ... but somehow the ticks are still looking fine :( (should this have killed them?)

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We had a problem with ticks a while ago, they kept getting on Dora (luckily we always found them before they attached), and my husband spread Ortho Bug-B-Gone granules all over the lawn. Ortho 0167050 Bug-B-Gon 10-Pound Max Insect Killer for Lawns: Home & Garden

Seems like it would be about the same thing as you already tried. :( It worked really well for us though, haven't seen a tick since. Did you spread it all over the lawn or just the perimeter of the house?

Good luck!
I just sprayed the perimeter (mainly the fence)...we don't have lawn in the back - just a perimeter garden and a big covered patio (yards in Vegas aren't very large).

It's been beastly hot and pretty dry here so happily no ticks and few mozzies. I found one tick on my fluff in the spring,in April when it warmed up and rained a lot,but happily,none since. I hate those little vampires.
I'v never seen one crawling in a house before...scary..
I agree! Finding them in the house made me :blink::mellow:

They could be coming from any warm blooded critter in your yard. Squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, rats, opposums, anything. They also like tall grass,brush piles leaf piles. I'd check either with your vet, or Home Depot or Lowes for yard treatments best for your area.
Good idea to check with them! We also have a next door neighbor who has 4 dogs (3 shitzus 1 german shepherd)...I should probably try to catch up with her and let her know too...for all I know they've got a problem there too.

I brought in a rescue that was covered in ticks.. I took him immediately to the vets and he deticked him right there.. He used Vectra 3D. It's a spot on that kills fleas and ticks for one month.. Not inexpensive!! He also had me use a spray called Siphotrol Plus 11. It sprays 2,000 square feet, leaves no lingering odor, no stains and no sticky residue It kills both adult and immature fleas and ticks..It's to be used in the home..It says nothing about outside.. It also prevents reinfestation and flea build up for 30 weeks..Not bad.. We haven't had much of a problem here in Florida, and you know the state pet is the flea..Yuk.. As far as ticks go this is my first experience with them, so I'm no expert..I just followed the doctors orders..You might ask your vet about this product...
Thanks for the info! Thank goodness haven't found any ON the dogs yet and hope I don't. They are creepy things *shudder* Do you know if it has a lingering affect like the Frontline (protects beyond the application even if you bathe the dog?)

I am very familiar with ticks. We use frontline from March to October because nothing else seems to work to keep the ticks from transferring disease. It doesn't prevent them from jumping on Hunter but it does kill them before the 24 hour mark. Hunter also gets the annual lyme disease booster to help fight the disease and we make sure that he doesn't get himself into the brush or tall grasses. Also, his food (Grandma Lucy's Artisan) has garlic in it and that is also a natural repellant. Spring and Fall are usually our worst seasons - Summer not so much.

Hope this helps.
Frontline is an option I am considering...but yikes...didn't realize they may still attach! EEEeeewwww... do they drop off themselves once they get a bite of the Frontline?

We used to have a big tick problem. Neither neighbors treated
there dogs or yard. My vet told me to keep my dogs from the
scrubs and shaded areas, so we put a little fence around them
to prevent them from going in those areas. It helped. What
helped the best was the neighbors started treating their yards
too. No ticks this year. Better keep my fingers crossed!!
HHHHhhhhmmmm.... can't really put a fence around those areas as my whole backyard perimeter garden is pretty bushy with flowers and the like. Maybe I should spray those too then...hadn't so far since I figured the auto sprinklers would just rinse it off. Maybe I should look for something different for those have me thinking now...

I do remember that years ago when our dog had ticks we really had to go crazy cleaning the house and hot water washes of all bedding, scrubbing down and super vacuuming everything ...anywhere a tick could get on. You really have to be diligent or you'll keep getting re-infestation.
Uh oh...with my wackadoo schedule I have some serious dust bunnies who have moved in...hopefully I don't find anymore ticks or I will have to do the same *just to be sure* If I woke up and found a tick on Me I think I'd probably faint dead away :blush:

:ThankYou:all for your great comments!!!! Let the tick war begin!!!!
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