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Originally posted by CindyPham@Nov 11 2005, 03:45 PM
Hi there! I have all Maltese dogs. Two males: Naudie and Balls. One female: Baby (ruff ruff). You can only imagine what I sound like calling all of them together. LoL.

My original plan was to only get two. One male and one female. I didn't want to breed her during the first two seaons she was in heat because she wouldn't be fully mature yet. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted the puppies for myself. Just to raise them. LoL.

I first bought Naudie from a lady in Kansas. I am from Houston, Texas. She told me that she would ship him off, but she said she couldn't until a week later because the weather was too hot. I ended up driving 13 hours straight to get him and 13 hours back. I had to see my little one! Nothing was going to keep us apart! She said he'd only be 4-5 pounds because ALL her dogs were smaller than 5 pounds. I think I was lied to because he is now 8 pounds, and I wouldn't give him up for anything! I love him regardless of size, but I wish she would have told me the truth. Also, when I got him, he was soooo scared of everything. From what I saw, she had a 8 year old son that terrorized the dogs! He kept poking and teasing them! I think she locked him up in a crate or kennel because he was so distant from us. I took him home and gave him so much love that he is now the most loving dog ever!

Then I bought Baby... she came from such a loving home, and we bonded right away. She gave kisses to everyone, and she adapted easier than Naudie. She is now 5 pounds full grown.

During Baby's first heat, I had NO idea how crazy it was going to make Naudie. I locked him up, and he found a way to get out every time! He got to her twice, and I felt sooo horrible. I was mad at him because he "raped" Baby. I know it sounds silly, but I was so upset! LoL. I know it's not his fault though. Animal urges. Hehe.

Since she was so small, and he's a lot bigger, she only had one puppy in the litter, and it suffocated since it was too big! I was devestated! After I buried the puppy, she went around for DAYS looking for him. Trying to find him everywhere. It brought me and my finace to tears. That's the saddest thing ever! =[

Anyway, your baby looks really adorable! Must be spoiled! =] I try not to spoil them, but it's soooo hard. They make my heart smile. Hehe
That's why I decided to get Balls... I know he might not stay around 3 pounds, but his mom and dad are tiny. The mom was like 4 pounds and the dad was only 3.2 pounds. I'll just have to see.
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Oh what a sad story. I hope you had Baby spayed.
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