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To pull or not to pull?

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Delilah has her top upper left perm canine that has erupted, but the baby canine tooth is still there. It's loose, but not loose enough to come out. Also, on the bottom middle, a lot of the perm teeth are coming in, and the teeny tiney baby teeth are still there, but sorta pushed out and forward. I am not sure if I should go ahead and have them all pulled or not and just get it over with??
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I don't plan on having her spayed anytime soon, until I find out if she can show in conformation. If she just ends up being a Jr's dog. Then I will have her spayed. Then again, I had a lady who use to be a show judge, look at her and say that she was a very well representation of the breed so far. So then I thought maybe, if anything, Debbie can use her in her breeding program if she wanted. Not sure if she does that or not. Guess we'll have to wait and see. :)
In Tyler's case the baby teeth were crowding the adult canines and they were coming in causing Tyler's bite to be off. The minute the vet saw that she wanted the teeth pulled and scheduled that three days later (and thus the neuter at the same time). She was really worried and showed me how they were misaligning. After the teeth were pulled I worked with a simple exercise she showed me to move the canines into place and it worked. Otherwise we would have had to go to the dog orthodontist. $$$$. So I was relieved.
Most likely, from what you described you need to get them pulled. If you are still hoping to show, you want them out before they mess up her bite. I was lucky with Cadeau. He didn't need any pulled. But Cadie had to have her canine's pulled. I think she was around 7 months.
Pull them. You risk her bite going off leaving all the extra teeth in.
My vote is speak with your vet. I feel my vet would have said pull pull pull depending age and physical condition.
When Rocky was neutered and put vet pulled them out. There was nothing too it and eat ate normally that night too.
Thanks ladies. I'm going to call on Monday and get an appt to go ahead and have them pulled. Just for my peace of mind and her bite. So far it's still a scissor bite she has.
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