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Tobi joined the camel club (Belfast branch)

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I must apologise to Kat for how long it has taken me to upload these.
As some of you may know my ceiling decided to fall in and we have spent months trying to sort the place out, so I have not really participated on the forum. Happy to say all sorted now, and I finally have time to upload these pics, and rejoin the fun!! :chili:

At the time these pics were taken, tobi was suffering with bad tear staining, which I am thrilled to report, is now completely gone. :thumbsup:

On to the images:

Thank you so much Kat for including tobi in your little club. He is a huge fan of snowy and crystal and treasures the little postcard you sent along too.

Big hugs from belfast xx
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Oh, my, Tobi, what big teef you have! :thumbsup:

So cute! :wub::wub::wub:
Tobi is the chewing monster ;)
Awwwww, thanks so much for the gorgeous pics of Tobi! It's been worth to wait! These are fantastic shots of him!!! :aktion033:

Welcome to the Camel Club, little Tobi!

Alexandra :wub:
hehe thank you Alexa! He sure loves posing ;)
He is precious with his new camel from Kat..........Love the pics!!!! Kat is so sweet to do this!!! Thanks for sharing~~~~:wub::wub::wub:
sooo cute! i wont tell the girls or they will be all jealous lol :)
tobi looks adorable with his new camel!
Oh, my, Tobi, what big teef you have! :thumbsup:

So cute! :wub::wub::wub:

Great pics!
Tobi you look like a little lion in the first picture:wub: I love the last one, welcome to the camel club:chili:
Tobi looks too cute with his new little desert friend! :chili: You can tell he adores it!

He is sooo handsome! The 2nd pic of Tobi reminds me a lot of Crystal's boy, Jett.
Aww thank you guys!
Tobi is a very handsome boy, and very spirited with it. A lion is a good description actually. Haha!!

He adores his camel - its his fav toy :-D
Looks like Tobi really loves his Camel!!! He's adorable!!!!!!!!!:wub:
Tobi is adorable..looks like he loves his camel!!
Toby, you are one adorable Dude!! Love your camel!!!
Oh my, looks like he's have the camel for lunch!!! hahahha
Looks like Tobi has a new favorite toy! Cute pictures!!
what really cute pictures! I am happy to hear that your ceiling issue is mended :)
Thank you guys so much.
Hunter's mum - soooooooo happy its all done, as is tobi...he was very unsettled with all the work. :)
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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