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Toby's Day Out...

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My mom and I took Toby out to lunch today at a nearby restaurant. Since no where around here is really dog-friendly, this was a true treat. It was hot and humid, so we all braved the weather to dine at this doggie-friendly restaurant!

Toby and my mom deciding what to order off the doggie menu.

The menu...

Toby got the Chicken 'N Spuds...he ended up with a real "doggie bag" because there was too much for him to eat!

Toby and the MEGA BOWL of water they gave him. I think he was so hot he would have rather laid in it! LOL

Toby patiently waiting for me to finish my food so he cold have more of his Chicken 'N Spuds.
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Toby and you look like your in heaven. I would kill to have an eatery near me to take Halle to. Keep enjoying. Ilove Toby's polo shirt!
Toby looks adorable in his green polo :wub:
Ditto what Vicki said!
Wow! A canine menu! How unique!
And that plate of food is ginormous! Leftovers!
I really like Toby's retro cool shirt!
what a great day out and a dog-menue ?!
HOW COOL is that!!!!

lovely pictures. and toby looks lie he want's the checkout the menue VERY fast :)
How cute is that! I wish they had something like that in my neighborhood.
I wish we had one of those in wv. That is so neat!!!
Wow!! Toby looks like he really enjoyed himself!! I would loooove to have a doggie eatery here too!!! How extremely fun!! It is funny he got a real "doggie bag."
omg love it , that is way too cool , his food looked delish n yes it was alot , loved ur comment about the huge water bowl lmao.. n green is my fav color so his polo rocked!
That looks like so much fun!

I'm also in the Chicago area and I heard that Meson Sabika in Naperville does dog-friendly Mondays and Tuesdays on the patio. And they have a menu for dogs too. I'll need to check it out! :thumbsup:
oh my gosh, I love little Toby, he's just adorable:wub: wow I wish they had dog friendly things here. Toby do you want to come visit awntie:wub: you really need to post more pictures of him:wub:
Looks like such an awesome place. Also looks like Toby has good table manners. He looks like such a gentleman in his shirt. Thanks for sharing
Toby -- I love your green shirt. That chicken looks yummy! You are too handsome..
Toby looks gorgeous in his green shirt, perfect to go out in a doggie eatery!
The menu looks so yummy and I'm sure Toby enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for the lovely photos!

Alexandra :wub:
What a cute idea! We have some dog friendly places in Seattle, but no where that the menu caters to pups!
If that isnt' the cutest thing than I don't know what is. Love the photo of your mom and Toby. Apparently Toby ordered the Great Dane meal portion.:w00t::w00t: The menu's wording was so cute too. Glad you had a good time.:chili:
Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. My mom was so excited to take Toby. LOL She even picked out his outfit and she wore green to match him! LOL

I promise to start posting more pictures of him. I know, I know, I am really bad about it lately.
I just love these pictures! I would give anything to have a place like that to take Nissa to. Did he draw you pictures on his menu with the colored pencils while he waited for his food? Lol
What a wonderful little restaurant! Toby looks like he had a great time and the food looks delicious :)
Toby is so cute! I really love his green polka dot shirt!!!
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