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Today is Earth Day - what change in your life can you make that will benefit the earth?

* Will you stop buying bottled water and use a filter on your faucet and carry that water with you in a reusable container?

* Will you recycle your cans/glass/plastic/paper weekly?

* Will you keep a reusable sack in your car or purse for those small & quick shopping trips?

* Will you bring reusable sacks to the grocery store each time you go, eliminating the need for paper or plastic?

* Will you turn off the lights when not in the room or shut down your computer when you leave for the day/night?

* Will you purchase a coffee mug and stop taking the plastic/styrofoam cups from the coffee shop you visit each day?

These are really such little things that each of us could do that would make such a BIG impact on our little world -

So, what pledge will you make this Earth day to keep your planet greener for you and your loved ones?:wub:
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