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Today is my 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

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I'm sitting in my office all day and just needed to share! :wub: Today my husband and I have been married for 5 years, that's longer than both sets of our parents were married.

We're going to try to get away this evening to Vancouver BC at least until tomorrow night, which will be nice and relaxing and get us out of our routine. It's nice to be reminded of romance and butterflies in the stomach.

Today is also bittersweet as my mother in-law died last year today as well so the day is loaded with emotion. :mellow:
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Congratulations although bittersweet (so sorry about your mother-in-law), btu I do hope you enjoy yourself in Vancouver.
Happy Anniversary!!!! Have fun ;)

And sorry to hear that is the same day for you MIL, must be tough...especially for your husband.

My aunt almost died on my birthday. That would have definitely been a bummer too. It's bad enough, but that would be worse.
congrats on your 5 years!!:aktion033:
so sorry about your mil.
Congrats!! :party:

and I'm sorry about your mil. :(
Jessica HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, I hope you and your dh have a wonderful day

I am so sorry you lost your mil.
Happy Anniversary ! I am sure your mil want's you to enjoy your day. So don't be too sad.
congrats n happy anniversary , sorry about ur mil .
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!

I do hope you get to enjoy a night away from your routine.

And, I am sorry about your MIL.
Happy Anniversary.
I'm sorry about your MIL. I know it must be hard to have two such conflicting things on the same day. Try to be happy and know that if she were there she would be wishing you a happy anniversary too.
Jessica - Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a very special night with your DH. I'm sorry about your MIL. My mom died 11 years ago today too. I'm sure your MIL would be very proud of that 5th anniversary you're celebrating. Raise a toast to her tonight too to remember the good times.
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