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Tomorrows the day

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I'm taking Delilah in the morning to get her baby teeth pulled. A lot of her adult are coming in, especially on the bottom and they are behind the baby teeth. That one canine on the left top looks like it don't want to budge and the permanent one is come in a lot, right beside it. So if everyone can say a prayer for her. I trust my vet. Just hate to have to put her under for this.
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Oh I am sure she will do fine, but I do know the worry!!! (esp. with these little ones!!). Terra is next to get some baby teeth pulled...gulp!

Let us know how she does and give her and extra squeeze from me....and wet nose kisses from Noel, Terra, and Triniti!
Laura, she will be ok, it's always hard to have them put under. I just said a prayer for little Delilah:wub:
Laura - I'm sure that little Delilah Rose will be fine and feel a lot better not having all that crowding in her mouth. I'm sending thoughts and prayers to you. :grouphug: Try to relax - I know it isn't easy but it will be over before you know it. Do you have some soft food at home for her?
I'll say a prayer but don't worry she'll be OK.
Good luck with Delilah Rose and I am sure she will be fine.......I will say a prayer for her early in the morning~~~
Aww Laura. She's gonna do great. But we all are too familiar with that dredded stress and worry that comes w/putting our babies through any type of surgery. Sending prayers for Delilah and strength for you. Stay strong!
I'm sure she'll be fine and this will be harder on you than her.
Keep us updated.
i'm sure she'll be fine and you wont' even know she had anything done! I will keep her in my thoughts tomorrow.

I know you probably already know this, but please make sure you tell them not to shave her. i have DO NOT SHAVE stickers all over my charts at my vet. Do not assume that your vet knows better, LOL
Good luck and lots of prayers to you both.
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