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Tooth Brushing

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I have been just totally unable to brush Pico's back teeth. The finger brush is just too big to get into the back of his mouth and the regular tiny brush won't fit either.

My vet has 3 malts and he showed me the critical area, which is the pre-molars on the upper jaw where the salivary glands are. They are tiny short little teeth just before the molars. This is where the tartar builds up first and worse.

So! He said just put the CET paste on my finger and rub it into the gumline and the enzymes will do the job of removing the food residue that makes tartar. What a relief! Pico actually lays down quietly for this procedure and seems to enjoy the gum massage and I feel sooooo much better knowing I am doing SOMETHING about his dental health.
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Good to know! Rex doesnt mind to much, we start by him licking his poultry toothpaste, that gets him to open so I can get inside and brush.
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