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A first aid kit is an essential.

Triple antibiotic ointment
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrocortisone cream
Alcohol swabs
Pepto Bismal
Baby Aspirin
Self-adhering bandages
Gauze pads
Eye wash
Small syringe (no needle) marked w/m’s or cc’s for medication administration
Cold Pack
Styptic powder to stop bleeding
Cotton swabs/cotton balls
Thermometer (normal rectal temperature is between 101.0 to 102.5 degrees)
Copy of shot record (in plastic sheet)
Pedialite to replace fluids

You can get one of those plastic storage conatiners with a lid at Walmart or the dollar store to keep everything in. Also, download a copy of of this emergency first aid for pets from the Red Cross, put it in a plastic sleeve, and tuck it in there, too.
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