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This thread was started on the "other" forum-and I thought it was fun!
Try to limit it to you can't do it! I cheated!
Below is my post from over there. Add yours. It will be fun to read each other's reasons. I left many out even though I did cheat...LOL.

Goodness...I don't know that I can narrow it down to just 10!
But here goes a no particular order...

1. Digging to China, racing through the house 100 mph-over, under, around, through things...on the couch, off the couch, down hall, back down the hall, back to the couch, under the chair,-pause for a quick kiss for mommy....and then off again!

2. How he THINKS he is much bigger than he is and makes bigger dogs cower away just with his "ferocious"...LOL...bark.

3. When he is gated in the kitchen while I am busy and I hear him whine...I look over and he has a squeaky toy in his mouth standing up on the gate wanting to play. It is SO cute and pitiful that I usually have to stop what I am doing to take a time out to play.

4. The growling/meowing like noise he does when I come home in the afternoons or when he is really excited about something-and rolling over for belly rubs.

5. How is is SO excited to see me when I get home...and he wiggles so much as I am trying to give him love that I am afraid I am going to drop him.

6. How is SO excited to see the skin-kids when they get up in the mornings.

7. How he stands at the hall gate and looks down the hall when he is ready for bed...if I am not ready, he finally lays down next to it and watches me.

8. Grooming-How he lays patiently upside down in my arms like a baby as I am cleaning his tear stains morning and night and tolerates his bath... only half- heartedly trying to escape the tub...when I know he really hates it. Laying still while I blow try and brush...the fluffy after bath look...the crazy post-bath run!

9. The way he tilts his head to one side when he looks at me sometimes...or when he sees something that he is "wondering" from the kids' toys, the cell phone ringing, me whistling at him, the camera flash etc.

10. The unconditional love and devotion he has for all the members of the family...but also knowing that Mommy is TRULY his favorite!

I kinda cheated by combining several things into one reason...LOL.
Oh well. How can you pick JUST 10? Impossible!!!!

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I GOTTA add another.

How he loves to go for a ride in the car and stick his head out the window into the wind-white fur flying everywhere. How I would love the hear what people say as they pass us on the has got to be quite a sight to others.

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Originally posted by tlunn@Aug 18 2004, 05:23 PM
I GOTTA add another.

How he loves to go for a ride in the car and stick his head out the window into the wind-white fur flying everywhere. How I would love the hear what people say as they pass us on the  has got to be quite a sight to others.
yes, my jong-ee loves that too but now i dont think i'll be doing it anymore on the freeway..the first and last time i ever tried on the freeway (driving at about 80ml) jong-ee loved it...she got the breeze for about 3-5 minutes..

later in less than an hour she got a chocking attack and couldnt breathe..less then 5 minutes later she got another one!!! i kept rubbing her throat and helped her breathe..she was fine in a couple of seconds..then she got her third attack !!

she never has had a attack 3 times in a was my fault

she was in so much pain i couldnt really help her but just rub her throat and back and nose...i felt so bad i dont think i should be doing it again esp. on freeways..stupid me.. :wacko:

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Why I love the Boom Boom.

1) The way I wake up to puppy kisses every morning.

2) How he looks for mommy when it storms.

3) How he seeks me out for walk time and sits an licks my legs/hands/arms/feet til I take him.

4) How even when I'm gone for like three minutes he greets me like he's been gone forever.

5) How he cuddles with me each night before we go to bed.

6) How mommy's better than anyone else! Even daddy!

7) How he brings me toys when he knows I'm leaving hoping I'll stay and play.

8) How he knows that when I pull my emergency brake it means hes gettin out of the car and he jumps in my lap!

9) The naps he takes in my lap, cuddled up against me as close as he can be.

10) How he sits/lays/sleeps with atleast one part of him touching me. Just so I know he's there and he knows I'm still there.

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Originally posted by Boom Boom's Mom@Aug 18 2004, 07:11 PM
7) How he brings me toys when he knows I'm leaving hoping I'll stay and play.
Brinkley does that too.
So sweet..and so hard to really leave. It breaks my heart!!!

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Why I love Lexi...

1) She is a huge mommy's girl
2) How she barks to protect me for someone or something that she thinks is going to hurt me.
3) How she thinks she is a lot bigger than she really is and tries to take on the big dogs
4) How she loves her 2 bestfriends, Ellie and Marvin, and knows where they live
5) How she is so excited to see me when I come home. It doesn't matter how long I was gone (30 seconds or 3 hours).
6) She loves to play fetch. She will grab a toy and jump up on the couch to bring it to me to throw.
7) When I lay in bed with her she likes to lay on me or on the pillow above my head.
8) How she lets me dress her up.
9) How she lays down and puts her head down when it is time to go outside so that I can put her collar on her. She taught this to herself.
10) When we are in the car she will either curl up in my lap and sleep or she wants to stick her head out the window.

God that was hard!

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Why I love Caesar...

1. He is such a mommy's boy...can't leave my side.
2. His cute little smiles.
3. The way he wakes up very happy every morning and can't wait to wake everyone up with his kisses.
4. He will snuggle up around our heads on our pillows at night to sleep and a lot of times he will rest his little head on our head or our neck.
5. The way he gets SO excited to go bye bye with us, or the he way he gets SO excited to see us when we come home, even if we were only gone 10 minutes, you'd think he hadn't seen us for 12 hours
6. How he goes spastic when I tell him "Daddy's home". He stops what he is doing and bounces around at the door waiting for him to come in.
7. The way he tries to trick us for whatever we are eating for supper. He gets cheerios whenever he goes potty on his pad, so when he wants whatever it is we are eating he will pretend to go potty on his pad and run up to us all excited waiting for his treat. :D
8. The way he will roll over on his back when chewing on one of his toys.
9. How he trusts me to do anything with him without a fuss. I am able to groom him, trim his nails, wash his face, apply flea medication, give him his baths and he stays very calm and doesnt try to run away.
10. How he will roll over on his back when he wants his belly rubbed.

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I have a million reasons why I love my baby but ill try and only name 10

1) i love when i wake up in the morning and maxi is laying so snuggled up beside me !

2) i love when i come home and see his beautiful face so happy and he jumps all over the place expressing how much he loves me

3) In the morning when i say " Maxi time to brush your teeth " and he runs in the bathroom and sits down ready for me to start scrubbing

4) I loved when i was sick and he stayed by me the whole time licking my farhead and being such a good boy until i felt better

5) i love when he comes to tell me he did number#2 and he wants his butt wiped he gives me this look like , Come on mom wipe away

6) i love how no matter what or where he is if i get up to go somewhere he stops and runs to be with me there is no other kind of feeling

7) I love when i say "Maxi Grandmas on the phone" hpw he runs from wherever he is to listen first and than he licks the receiver

8) i love in the morning when i am getting ready to go to work and i save the last 15 mintes before i leave for maxi and he snuggles so tightly on my lap and lets me know how much he will miss me

9) i love watching him play with his best friend diggy they have great interaction

10) I love watching him play with his tennis balls and he throws them all over the house runs around like a luny bird rolls on the floor and get completely wacky and adorable!

Most of all i love every inch of this baby and i cant even imagine what my life would be without Maxi!

I love the sound of Lacey's little paws as she walks across the hard wood floor in the kitchen.

I love when she is just as excited to see me as I am to see her.

I love when she lays on the pillow above my head

I love when she gives me that look that says "I love you mom"

I love her little black button nose

I love when she chases her empty plastic soda bottle

I love when she is sound asleep and looks so peaceful

I love when she gives me puppy kisses...puppy kisses are the best

I love when she is in her carseat and looks like a little princess out to see her royal subjects

I love when she plays chase with my beloved cat, Spoozie

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Well, since everyone else has mentioned my Top 10 already, I will go with my Bottom 10!

11) The way he wakes up from napping at 7 p.m. and at 9 p.m. to go in and let my husband know it's time for their outdoor potty break. (because he gets a treat afterward) It's uncanny!

12) the way he flattens himself into a down/stay and focuses on us so intently when we are snacking because he thinks he might get a bite.

13) The way he walks into his crate when I say "ready to go nite-nite?".

14) the way he follows me around and watches my every move when i am getting dressed to go out because he is waiting to see if he is going to get to go "bye-bye", too.

15) the way people smile and their eyes light up when they set eyes on him.

16) the way he lays his head on my chest when I am walking around carrying him.

17) the way he keeps me company when I am in the bathroom. He scratches at the door until he pushes it open, walks in and makes himself comfortable for the duration.

18) the way he positions himself at the end of the sofa when I am in the kitchen so he can keep an eye on what I am doing in case there is food in the making.

19) the way he grabs my socks out of my athletic shoes, races off, then stops and turns around to see if I am chasing him.

20) and last, the way he ignores me when he's exploring the yard and it's time to come inside. He takes a slow circuitous route back to the door, sniffing all the way home.

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Why I love Brit'ny AKA Baby Hollywood

10. The way she climbs out of her crib! She is so smart! She hikes her little legs up the railing and POPS herself overboard! LOL

9. The way she always burps after she eats! She is SUCH a pig!

8. How she scampers across the back of the couch and finds the perfect place to sleep, we always have to put her up there though

7. How Brit'ny wrestles Mariah (the cat in my avatar) EVERY single time she comes in from being outside. And the way she chases her around the house, even though she is 1/4th her size!

6. The way she wimpers and moves around when she is dreaming (WHAT is she dreaming about anyway!)

5. The way she loves standing in between her daddy's feet and won't give him kisses on the lips because she knows he doesn't like that!

4. The way she dances for treats, she can stand on her hind legs FOREVER! And she tries to reach up with her front paws to grab the treat but her legs are too short!

3. She lets me dress her up and doesn't fuss about bows in her hair- I was worried I would get a fussy pup! She loves looking pretty!

2. She sits so perfectly still in her Puppy Purse (its pink and black with a big pink "B" on the side!) and her Burberry Carrier that people always think she is fake! This is the FUNNIEST thing ever! This is also the only time she ever sits still. She just pokes her lovely little head out and stares at everyone going by. And then she will shift or look up at me and they will say "OH my God that is a real dog?"

and the Number One reason why Brit is the most perfect dog for me and why I love her sooooooooooooooooooooo very much and will never ever let her go...

1. She follows me EVERYWHERE to the bathroom, to the shower (while Im taking baths she tries to jump in even though she HATES water!), around the house, outside.... And the way she looks back at me while someone else is holding her like she is saying "Mommy who is this! Is it okay for him to hold me?". It makes me feel like she knows Im her Mommy and that I am the one who keeps her safe!

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Why I love Tuffy

10. When he jet packs around the house for no good reason and then flops down in front of me when he gets tired out.

9. The way he stands up against my computer chair and paws at my butt when he wants me to get off the computer and play with him.

8. The way he dances on his hind legs when he is anticipating a treat.

7. How he just runs into his carrier when I bring it out and set it on the floor.

6. How he likes to ride on my shoulders whenever we are riding in the car with someone else driving.

5. His double bark whenever we are playing tug.

4. The way he cocks his head to the side when he's *really* trying to understand what I'm saying.

3. His ears.. they are so expressive and cute.

2.That he is as lazy as me.. He jumps down to see Dad leave for work, but as soon as he's gone, he jumps back into bed and we go back to sleep.

1. The way he just curls up next to me whenever he knows I'm having a bad day or feeling sad and gives me a little kiss on the hand to let me know it's going to be okay.
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