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Top Knot

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Bijou likes to take both paws and pull his hair down in his eyes. He does this when it is in a top knot and when it isn't. How do I get him to stop this or protect the hair when it is up? There isn't enough gell to hold his hair up because tries to pull it down in his face constantly.
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Marj, which size band do you recommend? Catcher usually doesn't wear a bow and I've enjoyed the colorful bands I get from Target. They are a latex type material but I surely don't want to ruin his hair, etc. But I'm not sure which size is best ???
Originally posted by saltymalty@Oct 29 2005, 03:35 PM
Marj, I have been using bands supplied by my kid's orthodontist.  They are made of silicone, so they don't catch on the hair, and have no colors or dyes to transfer.  Best of all, he gives them to me for free...I guess two in orthodonture plus one more in the wings equals free elastic bands.  Any way, he uses these particular bands because they are very stretchy, do not break, and don't irritate the inside of the mouth. 

We still have a problem with Valletta's eyebrows...they just never seem to stay in place even with gel.  They seem to be the slowest growing part of her face.  Her hair is not breaking from the bands (I can tell because there are no pieces of hair caught when I cut out the band).  I think it might be from the brush I'm using.  I can't wait to get my three new Chrissy brushes and combs.  I ordered the buttercomb rattail, the 27mm gold, and the slicker (Mark something).  They are supposed to arrive by Nov. 1, so I'll let you know how they work for us.  We are going to try to grow out Valletta's coat a bit for winter so these new tools should arrive just in time!
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Catcher has that same issue of the eyebrow area hair being just a little too short to get in the band. It just doesn't seem to grow at all. I have been waiting for months for it to be long enough!
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