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Total brag!

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Ponyo can sit and laydown on command! She also is getting the grasp of "stay" mostly because when I go upstairs she trys to follow me, so I started using the stay command and she listens!!!
Im so proud of my SMART baby!
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Woohoo!!!! Ponyo is doing great!!! Keep updating us on all of your cutie's achievements!!

Cool! She's so darn cute too! She's the whole package :thumbsup:

How old is she now? She's so little and cutsie, I always think she's still a tiny puppy!! :HistericalSmiley:
Very impressive Ponyo! it is amazing how much they can learn.
Woo Hoo Ponyo! My cutie patootie with her lovely ears! I am proud of her! Terra is just learning "watch me". She's in puppy class and is also supposed to learn "sit" but I am teaching her "stand" instead as I want that to be her "default" response (my show dog can't sit in the ring!).

Its so rewarding to see your pup learning and responding to cues after a lot of work teaching them! Way to go!
that is great !!!!! shes soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How old is she now? That's terrific!!! :thumbsup:
Total bragging---you bet---and we are proud of her too. Drum Roll for Ponyo!:aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:
Wohoo! Go Ponyo! You must be a pretty proud momma to have such a smart baby! :D
Good for Ponyo! I still cannot get Jack or Jill to do the "down" command! It's so stinking hard!!!
Bragging rights earned. :thumbsup: Isn't it great once they get it? :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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