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Toy/physical stimulation....

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Kodi has a box full of toys that she plays with occassionally but nothing that she can't live without or stimulates her for long periods of time. It seems as though she wants to be stimulated and played with by us instead of her toys. Of course we play with her as much as possible ;).

Is this how it is with your babes?
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I think every dog would rather play with someone else than by themselves.

The only toys that my dogs will engage with long term with out my involvement are puzzles like the Leo toys or anything you can put treats in and they have to work to get them out.

My maltese will chew on certain toys but not on a regular basis. AND she must have her teddy bear to go to bed. She will bug you to let her go get it if she forgets to grab in on the way to the bedroom. She doesn't play with it, she just wants it in the bed.
Nelson does prefer to be played with as well. When he was real little he never really occupied himself, he does not on occassion. But now he has 1 favorite toy he will play with for a bit, and 1 favorite bone...that is sort of like his pacifier. It's in his bedtime crate, and my mom said he chews on it before he goes to sleep, and in the morning when he gets up.
Its from Petstages the Mini Orka Bone
Petstages - Developmental Toys for Dogs - Mini - Bone

I love Petstages toys. He even unties those things...they are very stimulating toys.

And this is his baby!!! Petstages - Developmental Toys for Cats

The no-fill squeakers, dog toys. Lil Squeak Money. OMG he is like Mozart...that is what I call him. He literally will play tunes on it. I have to get a video of it and set up a youtube account one of these days. He does like to play fetch with it, but then you will hear him occupying himself with it even after you are done hahah. We have the zebra too. But he's had the monkey since he was a baby so it's his favorite. I think I need to stock up on them before they like don't make them anymore or something. I think he'd be lost without it. I can't even replicate the sounds he makes...nor describe it. It's like he plays clarinet on it or something with his mouth, its the funniest thing ever. I suggest it to everyone. Whether or not they will play music on it too is another story hahah. But the whole toy is a squeaker, it has a hollow chamber. So any slight pressure on it makes it squeak, and each sides makes a different noise. HAHAHAHHAHA as I write this, he is downstairs with my parents playing it right now. :HistericalSmiley: :HistericalSmiley: :HistericalSmiley:
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Casanova and Bijou also love attention from us a million times more than playing with toys. However, if it's a treat toy then Casanova likes that also.
Mine would rather play w/ us but they love to fetch squeekies and bring them back to us. Sasha usually grabs a favourite stuffed bunny when she goes outside or bye bye. Funny she'll take it and ignore it the whole time,must be like Linus and his blanket,she just likes to know it's there if she needs it....
they all kinda go in spurts or wanting certain favourite stuffed toys and then ignoring them.Usually they just pile them around them,like their vast wealth of toys displayed around them and sleep on them in the daytime. Once in a while Sasha will bring a stufed toy to bed too.
Sasha usually grabs a favourite stuffed bunny when she goes outside or bye bye. Funny she'll take it and ignore it the whole time,must be like Linus and his blanket,she just likes to know it's there if she needs it....

HAHAH my Andy used to do that when he got really excited. Like when we'd come home and let him out and stuff. He had this old ratty "Buddy" we called it. And sometimes he would grab it and take it outside with him, but then just lay it down in the yard. I'd be like bring Buddy in!!! And he wouldn't :HistericalSmiley:
Halle loves to play fetch and tug o war with me. She also loves to play on her own whether ots knawing on a bully flosssie or playing with her bees in the hive.
I like Petstages too! Bernie has a basket full of toys and I try to change them out once in a while making sure to have equal amounts of chew toys and equal amounts of stuffed toys or squeakers.

She loves her Bobo, which was the first toy I bought her, one of those long shaggy dogs from the Petco commerical... She also has a favorite rattle toy from Bunnies by the Bay which is a little blue and green bug. It's meant as a baby toy but I like to buy her baby rattles sometimes when I'm in baby stores. I mean, she is my baby, she's the only one I'll ever have. I love that she has toys she plays with while also just liking to run around with my husband and I.
Here is a link to an "inexpensive" game I made for Toby.

Inexpensive Game
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