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Contact: Becki, firbabyrescue @ (remove both spaces)

If anyone can help with this transport it would be so greatly
appreciated. If we do not get this baby out from Phoenix, she will
probably end up at the shelter. AZ Boston rescue is JAM PACKED with
sr. BT's right now.

Purpose: Transporting senior female Boston Terrier from previous
owner in Phoenix, AZ to next leg in LaVerne, CA ( then on to
rescue in Reno, NV. LaVerne, CA to Reno is taken care of for Sunday

Name: Muffy
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Boston Terrier
Age: 12 yo
Color: Black/White
Vaccs: Rescue will bring vacs up to date
Crate: None
Behavior: Does not care for other dogs
Traveling With: Collar, Leash, Identification, paperwork
Chipped: No

We can set this up for someone to do the total trip from Phoenix to
LaVerne, CA which is 5.13 hours, or it can easily be split up.

Phoenix, AZ to Blythe, CA
2.18 hrs

Blythe, CA to Indio, CA
1.29 hrs

Indio, CA to LaVerne, CA
1.36 hrs

Times and legs are flexible. Just need to get her to La Verne, CA by
Saturday night so she'll be on the morning trip. Please e-mail me at
[email protected], if you can help.


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