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Originally posted by 20202@Nov 7 2005, 11:59 PM
We just flew from Pennsylvania to Texas on AirTrans and it was $65. for Izzy's ticket  (one way)
I think each airline has a posting on their websites of what is considered approved by their airline.  Air Trans web site reads:

We accept small, domesticated dogs, cats and birds that will fit in an approved carrier under the seat. This would mean no larger than 10" high X 11" long X 21" wide for travel on our Boeing 717 and 737 aircraft. The weight of the pet plus carrier cannot exceed 40 pounds or roughly 18 kilos.

Izzy was wonderful on the flight, she's a seasoned traveler already.
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If you have a local dog rescue place they might loan you one in exchange for some help with the dogs
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