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Traveling with a Maltese ?

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I need some advise from you guys.... I willl be going to mexico for vacation in January. I do not want to leave my baby Frosty at home (or with a dog-sitter) I would love to take him with!!

I never traveled with a pet before, what should i start with?? any advice is helpfull!


Ania and Frosty.
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**buy gallons of clean water from the store before you go to mexico.

**get a cooler to keep the water cold, buy a portable bowl

**bring dog food with you

**baby-wipes to wipe her feet after walking in the streets

**get a carrier so then if hes tired you can put him in the carrier

**get him microchipped (i heard from my old vet that cops(and people) try to take the dog away from you........but, i heard that they NEVER have done that from someone online(but better be safe than sorry, i guess)

**papers of ownership

**vet papers for proof of vaccinations

**collar to keep the registration tag on your baby

**toys, to keep him entertained

i think thats it. HAVE FUN!!!!
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Talk to your vet and let them know your travelling, they will give you special papers to bring with you so that you can cross state lines with them... just in case... we got them for our girls when we moved from CA to TX.
Make sure you contact their embassy to see what guidlines they have! And make sure that you bring water! Try to carry your baby at all times! Also make absolutley sure you have ownership and a vet approved health garuntee papers with you! You don't want them trying to say you bought your baby there and then can't take it back over the border!

Okay enough of the serious stuf.... What about some FUN items?

*Bring a camera (preferably digital) for all the cute pics!

*Lots of bows and tee shirts! You want your baby to look so cute! I suggest a SUPER DOG (blue) tee with matching shorts and doggles! If you don't want to go all out, stick with some cute bandannas in a mexican theme!

*A cute carrier like Fox and Hounds candy stipe carrier! So bright and Spanish looking!

* some doggy shoes for when he does have to walk on the ground, maybe some blue lily boots? Or if you don't want to splurge some cute blue boots from Petco or Petsmart!

* A cute harness and matching lead!

* A cute airplane carrier... Louis Vuitton Sac de Chien? Or a Sherpa bag? OR maybe a Dooney and Burke airline approved carrier? Try Ebay for great prices

* Nutrical (just in case)
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are you flying or driving?
Great tips guys!!!!

We will be flying to mexico.. although im not sure what airlines...
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