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Hi, I was wondering what kind of treats you all feed your babies. We're not sure what's appropriate for our four month old. Thanks!
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My advice, since you asked for it, is to be very careful about really want him to get his nourishment from his puppy formulated food. But if you're using training treats (which is theONLY way I could get Pico trained!) then I recommend PupCorn. It's low fat, low protein and low calorie. It looks like a dog shaped corn puff and can be sliced easily into pea-sized pieces.

They have a web site which I can't remember but Google for PupCorn and see if it brings it up. Petsmart may be carrying it now, too.

Plus, until he has his first health screening, you also want to be careful of what he eats. They have the teensiest organs, liver, etc. and until you are sure those are functioning properly it's better to be safe. I say this because Pico's was diagnosed at 1 year w/MVD, a liver disease, and can't tolerate much protein or fat.
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