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I was just wondering if anyone else watched the HBO series Treme.

I really enjoyed it, being from New Orleans and having had the experience of Katrina, but there were so many things unique to New Orleans that I thought only New Orleanians would get I was curious if anyone else watched and what they thought.

If not, I would highly recommend catching it next season or catching the reruns if they rerun it.

I had never even heard of Khandi Alexander before, but she has a new fan - that girl can act. Wendall Pierce I knew of since he is a native New Orleanian, John Goodman is an adopted native and I love him, and also new to me was Clark Peters who was phenomenal as the big chief. Oh, and Phyliss Montana-Leblanc. I could go on and on. Oh, and all the local musicians and music. I'm sure they'll be available in re-run which I'm sure I'll watch again.

Anyway, just wondering if there are any other Treme fans on SM.

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