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Hey sweet Marie, so nice to see you here :chili::wub: and WOHOOOO I am very happy to read that you are able to take photos and put them in your iphoto :D I tell ya, I am expecting precious Snowball photos :wub:
I don't think uploading photos in SM have changed - i might be wrong though - but when I share photos here, I do it through photobucket. I know what you mean that it is easier to upload directly from PC (or even better, cell phone :p) I don't actually mind uploading via photobucket than directly from PC. But what I DOOOOO LOOOOOOVE so much is when I am able to upload a picture the second I take it from my smartphone :D when I leave my loved ones, I can easily keep them up to date with me when sharing the pictures the second I take them (then send it through e-mail via my cell phone). Love it and love today's technology ;)

No worries, I know that you don't intend to ignore / or lose touch with SM. Sometimes, it is just so difficult to keep in touch with every single thing in life!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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