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Originally posted by Triste@Dec 27 2004, 06:31 PM
I have read some of the reports, seen them on tv.... Nate Burkus from Oprah was in Sri Lanka when this happened. His friend is missing.
He and his friend were washed out of their room, Nate was able to hold on to the pole and then climb on a roof, his friend was not so fortunate.  It is so sad
  I mentioned this to a good friend a few months ago...flooding, major hurricanes, earthquakes, someone up above us trying to tell us something?

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I dont know if anyone is religious but someone that is religious told me that all these natural disasters are the beginning of the end of the world.. :eek: They also told me its in the Bible... I dunno how true this is but that scares me!
But if you notice even the weather seems to be different. We are going to have 60 temp. this weekend in NJ and that never happens in DECEMEBER! Not to mention its around 17 degrees outside right now!

It is so horrible to watch the news reports from the areas where all those people were killed. I dont think anyone caught the wave on film... which could be a good thing... so we dont have to see that!
My heart goes out to all those people... I couldnt even imagin that happening here! I live 10-20mins away from the Atlantic Ocean! My family would be taken if that happened here.
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