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We took out Thea to her first training class and it was not so pretty. There was one very loud, large dog that kept barking at Thea and two other dogs that were angels. Thea just barked at the other dogs the whole time. The trainer was very encouraging, but geesh, I feel like we are waaaaaaay behind. I don't think we are ever going to learn basics if she can't stop barking at everything. During the pandemic, she just has not had enough socialization.

I have been working on getting Thea to not bark so much at people and dogs and trashcans on our walks using some techniques by the Kikopup videos (thanks to whoever recommended those!)

I had this idea... We put on dog videos on the TV and just walk her on her leash back and forth in front of the TV. If she makes it all the way across the living room with no barking then she gets treats and praise. If she starts barking, then we just walk around the house and try again. Eventually she starts getting used to other dogs. And barks less.

Has anyone does this? Did it work?

Any other ideas?

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