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Tyler on TV

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OMG - I was just watching the local news on WCBS-TV tonight at 6 and the weatherman said, "There's a cute little dog..." I was at my computer and turned around and suddenly I realized it was a weather shot of Tyler and I walking in the park!!! I was so shocked! My BFF called me and my nephew FB'd me that they saw it. Tyler's a star now. Oh no, he'll be MORE impossible to live with.:smrofl::smrofl:
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HERE IT IS. Isn't Tyler cute, though not obedient and obviously walking me at the time? :smscare2:I seem to have found the link on the web to view the video. Should be up until 11pm eastern time tonight. Darn I turned around and showed my butt.:w00t:

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OMG:w00t: THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL and TOOOOOOO CUTE:wub::wub::wub: I repeated Tyler and your part of the video over and over AWWWWWWWWWWWWW LOVED it when he did the little shake SO CUTE and the mommy was waiting for him..Hey tyler, we want your autograph:chili::chili:

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