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Tyler on TV

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OMG - I was just watching the local news on WCBS-TV tonight at 6 and the weatherman said, "There's a cute little dog..." I was at my computer and turned around and suddenly I realized it was a weather shot of Tyler and I walking in the park!!! I was so shocked! My BFF called me and my nephew FB'd me that they saw it. Tyler's a star now. Oh no, he'll be MORE impossible to live with.:smrofl::smrofl:
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Oh wow...HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!! How fun to have that to save too - lucky you to get a clip (and lucky us that you shared it)!!!

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In honor of Happy Times on SM and people feeling mended from past hurts (yeah
), I've broken out some stuff I have saved in my Photobucket... :) (Usually too lazy since I have over 820 images saved in there and it takes awhile to root through)

*Well this post took 3 tries, now ya see why I don't do it more often :LOL:
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Uh - yup Darlene. Pretty sneaky hand signals, huh? :whistle:
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