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Tyler's Bark for Life Raffle Prize

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As I mentioned when we did the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life Walk fundraiser we bought a book of raffle tickets and found out we won a prize. Here's Tyler with his winnings. It was such a good cause too.

I'm a wucky dog. I tink I take aftaw Mommy. She won a twip to Pawis but I didn't even get a stinkin' doggie t-shoit so I deserb dis:)

Here are my pwizes. Wowza!

I got wots of tweets and toys but some of da toys are biggaw den me. Like da wubba chicken.:w00t:

And dey all came in dis ting. Mommy says it's a doggie bowl but I tink it's a swimming poow if dey just put some wawa in.
Mommy says we can gib it to a sheltaw wid big dawgs. She wuins aw my fun.

Tanks for looking and sowwy my hair is such a mess. Mommy whips out dat camawa too much.
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He got a lot of stuff there!! His coat is really getting long- it looks really nice!
Congrats Tyler! :aktion033: You struck the jack pot, so many fun toys and yummy snacks. Enjoy!
Aww, you hit the jackpot beautiful boy!!!
Whoa - look at that water bowl (I mean swimming pool)! You deserve those treats Tyler for all your hard work!
Wow! :w00t:
Lots of great toys and chicken snacks!
I really like Tyler's haircut!
And the big bowl with the "swimming pool" caption was hilarious!!!:HistericalSmiley:
Maybe your Mommy will get you a mini doggie pool
if you want to take up swimming?
I think that is wonderful of your Momma
to donate it to your shelter friends. :wub:
So nice!
Hey, Tyler!! You are looking mighty handsome!! Congratulations on your winnings!!! That is quite a score!! I hope you party on down with all your treats and your "life-size" chicken!!!
Oh Tyler, so glad you won a prize!!! You deserve it~~I love that rubber chicken!!!
What a lucky little boy you are! Enjoy all your treats and toys!
u deserve it tyler boy ! u r just too cute , and im soo happy u got all ur treats n toys !!!
AW! That is so cool! Congrats Tyler!
wow, you got some good stuff, Tyler. Enjoy!
Susan that second picture melts my heart Tyler looks soooooooo happy:chili:

Congratulations Tyler. It looks like Christmas at your house. Enjoy all your fun toys and treats you handsome little guy:wub:
Susan that second picture melts my heart Tyler looks soooooooo happy:chili:

I know Paula. I think it's one of my favorites and I made it into my siggie.

BTW the rubber chicken I swear is bigger than Tyler and almost heavier and makes an awful sound. Thinking of giving it to someone with a bigger dog who I don't like so much. :HistericalSmiley:
Thank you everyone for your kind words. Tyler says, "woof."
wohoo congrats Tyler boy ^_^ you look super cute in these pictures

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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