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Tyler's Summer Do

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Okay. Here's my sad tail:HistericalSmiley:. I'm about to go to the groomer and I'm not thrilled. I think Mommy has something up her sleeve.:unsure:

I think the groomer lost her mind.:smpullhair: She started coming at me with the clipper thingie and look what she did.:w00t: (No that's not some weird bow on my head. It's daddy's running shoe)

Mommy thinks I look like a puppy again. I was a chick magnet teen and now I have to look like a toddler?:angry: No fair. Mommy said you might want some different angles...whatever those are.

Now mom's sending a picture of my tush. :new_shocked:How embarrassing. :blush:.

And here's one of me with the great vest mom bought from Aunt Crystal.:wub: It's much easier to get on without all that hair.

Thanks for looking. So what do you think? I'm not so sure but Mommy's keeps saying my baths will be easier too.
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TYLER!!!! You look sooooo handsome withy our new cut!! I've always loved your coat and you can still see how silky your locks are even int eh short cut. The groomer did a great job and don't worry, you're still quite the chick magnet. Whatch, I'm sure some SM little girls will leave you sweet messages about your new look today.
what a great cut! Tyler you look more like a hunky man now more than ever - you don't look like a toddler at all. I wish Hunter's hair was as silky as yours because then he would have the same haircut as you - but we have to keep him short cause he ends up looking like a puffball (very toddler-ish if you ask me!).

You look awesome! And mommy should be proud of getting your hair cut BEFORE it gets too hot!
I think Tyler looks very handsome in his new cut! It actually brings out the silkiness in his coat even more. The head looks cute on him, and the groomer did a great job on not giving him a baboon butt! lol
Awww, there's little Tyler with his new summer haircut! He looks so cute with it, Sue!
I love, love that first pic of him. His view is very cute and I'm sure you
can't resist his eyes!

He looks fantastic with his new vest, too!

Yippee, summer can start finally! :chili:

Alexandra :wub:
I LOVE TYLER'S NEW HAIR CUT!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, he looks fantastic! Wait till I get home and show the "girls"!!!!! Woohoo!!!
I love tyler's haircut :thumbsup:. It just shines. Tyler you are one handsome dude for sure :aktion033: .

Darlene and MiLey
AH! I love his new cut! He's a handsome dog and his hair looks so silky soft!
Lookin' Good there, Tyler boy!!! Love your cut and you look so clean and the cut is neat.......not slang talk but actually neat!!! I think you clean up just fine and you look so handsome~~~:chili::chili::chili: PS....Your still a chick magnet!!! Never fear!!!!
Oh Tyler! You still look amazing!! and Mommy's happy too! and don't worry, you still make the girls go wild! ;)
Sue, I love Tyler's new haircut. He is such a cutie! And Tyler you still are a chick magnet!
I love the expression in the first picture. You are so funny Tyler. You new 'do" is absolutely fab. you should be very happy Mummy found you a great groomer. :tender:
Oh TYLER BABY!!! :wub::wub::wub: Let me tell you, you are even MORE of a chick magnet with your summer do!!

We love it, Sue!! It looks just perfect!! And that vest looks totally darling on Tyler also.

p.s.: I did think for one split second that you had put a blue bow on Tyler!!
Tyler is gorgeous,I love his new summer cut.:wub: He sure does have a beautiful coat of hair,looks nice & silky. He would look super adorable in any kind of cut.
I love it Sue! Tyler you look like a wittle pupster again! I know you want to look like a big boy but look soooo cute w/your new haircut. Even your tushy looks cute hehehe!!!

Emma is 99% getting her hair chopped this Saturday. DH is putting his foot down and wants her in a puppy cut again. I think I'm gonna cry when I bring her to get her hair cut. I'll have to remember to bring Kleenex. However....bath day will go sooo much quicker if I cut her down!
:w00t: Tyler !!!! Snowy and Crystal also went for their summer hair-cuts today. I did not take pictures, but I did take short video clips of them. opefull will share it tomorrow.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your Summer-Do:wub::wub: you are too cute for words.

Snowy and Crystal's summer-do is called: Bold & Beautiful :HistericalSmiley:

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